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SUP Board Rentals : Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Sometime back in 2013, the world and more specifically Colorado saw an explosion of the SUP Board (Stand-up Paddle Board or Stand-up Paddling) Industry. Originally used on Lakes and oceans, the SUP Board scene became increasingly popular on the local rivers. As the sport grew, so did new industries including BOGA (yoga classes and yoga groups that use paddle boards as a floating balancing board). Stand-up Paddle Boards are made from a variety of materials but we here at Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals choose to offer a line of inflatable paddle boards which are made from the same high grade PVC material that you would expect to find in your White Water Rafts and Duckies. Our Paddle Boards are great for beginner to advanced paddlers and can be used on both the local reservoirs and rivers.

Sol Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards

SUP Board Rentals

We carry the Sol inflatable Paddle Boards which are extremely user friendly for beginners and great for all water conditions including lakes, rivers, and oceans. The Paddle Boards were designed with stability in mind which means that you wont find yourself struggling to get up on it; you’ll be off and paddling in no time. The Paddle Board itself is made from a 3 ply PVC reinforced material which makes it very durable for when you tag the occasional shoreline dock or the random river obstacle.

Choose Your Paddleboard

Sol Sombrero

Full day $35

Sol Sumo

Full day $35

Sol Fiesta

Full day $65

Being located in the central Rocky Mountains of Vail Colorado, we are lucky to have numerous rivers and reservoirs all within a few minutes of our shop. From the slow moving waters of the Upper Colorado River to the shore lines of Lake Dillon and Sylvan Lake, there are no shortages of available water to paddle. Visit our Paddle Board Trips section to learn more about where you can bring the boards in Colorado and Utah.