Klim Havoc Bib Pants

Klim Havoc Pants

Let’s face it. Most clothing manufacturers have perfected the art of creating great tech wear, building a large mass of followers, and then, years later, dumbing down the product to the point of it being on the same tech level as most wal-mart clearance items. Klim is not one of those companies. In fact, they are the direct opposite. Klim is always pushing the limits and staying at the forefront of innovation. Klim is one of the few brands that we still trust enough to wear in the backcountry.

Their latest product offering is once again leading the way for what will most likely become the next, most sought after article of clothing. With the ever growing popularity of Timbersleds (Snow Bikes), it was becoming obvious that something needed to change in the standard construction of winter snow pants. The status quo of traditional snow pants are problematic when riding a machine that requires the rider to move freely in the saddle.

Klim noticed the need for a Snow Bike specific pant and they have since released the Havoc Bib Pant as their first attempt. Since we rent out the highest volume of Timbersleds in the state of Colorado, we thought we should pick up a pair of the Havoc Bibs and test for ourselves and see if they are worth recommending to customers.

The Good:

From the onset, the overall warmth and comfort of the pants were no different than what you would normally expect from any Klim produced product. The pants offered just the right amount of play to allow a rider to throw a leg over the saddle to ride. A new feature that we were big fans of is the addition of an easy clip to the laces instead of the old button system that would almost always slide up the leg. The clip is a big help in keeping unwanted snow out of your pant leg.

The idea of bibs have never really excited us but an all honesty, they are what makes this pant so bomber. It didn’t matter how aggressive we were while riding, it didn’t matter how often we were moving around in the saddle, the bibs just kept everything in place. To add to the positive vibes of the Havoc Bib pant, the bibs even sit a little higher in the waist which protected against the abominable snow crack monster that often times sneaks up on you when sitting in snow or helping your buddy dig his snow bike out from under a bridge – that is a separate story.

The Not So Good:

We didn’t find too many negative items to list about the product. We will mention that the built in knee pads are a bit too thin – we would recommend that you wear an added layer of protection. Also, with an MSRP around $489, the pants seem a little pricey for a sport where they will inevitably get burnt from a hot pipe if you are not careful – although the pants do offer a leather panel to help with heat resistance.


We really had no complaints about these pants. We are thankful that a company such as Klim took it upon themselves to produce a product specifically for this up and coming sport. If we had a rating system, we would give the Klim Havoc Pants a 4 out 5 star rating. Exceptional comfort, dryness, and warmth but they come at a price. Overall they are a great performance pant and are the perfect addition to your Klim Adrenaline GTX Boots for the ideal setup for backcountry riding. We are looking forward to style varieties for the Havoc Bib and we really hope to see a women’s line for the ladies that rip on Timbersleds.