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Canvas Tent Rentals

Call to reserve: 970-471-8491

$45 for 24 hours

canvas tent rentals

For those of you looking to do a multi-day camping trip with our RZR’s and other vehicles, we now offer Canvas Tent Rentals. These tents from CanvasCamp are the epitome of Glamping. Offering convertible mesh walls, weatherproof canvas, unmatched durability and breathability. Unlike plastic tents, canvas tents maintain a comfortable temperature no matter the environment.

With our canvas tent rentals, we also offer chairs, cots, and variety of other camp essentials. To help protect the natural environment from added stress due to heavy seasonal traffic, we have offered some map locations of campgrounds. The marked campgrounds offer pre-built fire rings and have the space required to park vehicles and set up campsites for families and groups.