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Electric Bike Rentals

With the Gore Range peaks on the skyline and Colorado wildflowers bursting into bloom, biking is a favorite summertime activity in Vail, Colorado. And now with electric bikes, or e-bikes, available for rental from Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals, you’ll have more ways to explore the outdoors this summer.

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have operable pedals like normal bikes, but they have the additional boost of an electric motor. They’re sometimes called pedal-assisted or throttle-assisted bikes. Riding an electric bike challenges balance as a normal bike does, and e-biking still has the cardiovascular benefits because the electric motor assists pedaling but doesn’t take the place of it. E-biking is also a great way to experience the beauty of the outdoors, and pedaling an e-bike can make hilly terrain more manageable.

Before you hop on an e-bike this summer, here are a few more good things to know:

Electric look like normal bikes, and they make cycling at Vail’s high altitude an enjoyable experience

E-bikes have batteries that power the electric motor; a battery can power the bike for 20-60 miles per charge, depending on what mode the rider chooses: pedal only, pedal-assist, or electric-only

E-bikes can make it more easily possible to go on long, hilly rides

E-bikes still require physical effort; unlike a moped, e-bike riders still pedal the bike, and the electric motor helps assist

E-bikes have dual disk brakes and electric braking; practice emergency braking ahead of time, and get a feel for the speed and power involved so that you can use brakes effectively when needed

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