Opas Taylor Hut

Aspen, Colorado Aspen, Colorado 81611
39.00068048, -106.74916115

Barnard Hut

The Opa Taylor Hut is just south of Taylor Pass and stands at 11,850'. The Hut was named in memory of Fred Braun who carried the nickname "Grandpa" (Opa is the German word for Grandpa). It's worth noting that the Opas Taylor Hut and other huts in the Braun system are located in areas that are known for avalanches with recurring avalanche cycles. The routes leading into the Opas Taylor Hut are unmarked and are not maintained. These huts are only for the experienced back country traveler. The Opas Taylor Hut is managed by the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association and all reservations should be made at huts.org.