Backcountry Safety

From the beginning, the team at Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals has made backcountry safety and backcountry education a part of their mission. Together, we have developed the most comprehensive backcountry safety program and protocols in the adventure rental industry.


GPS Tracking on All Machines

We are the only rental operation in Colorado that uses a complete GPS Tracking System to know where you are at all times. A big part of Backcountry Safety is letting others know where you are. Unfortunately, phone service is almost non existent in the backcountry and if something were to happen while on one of our machines, not only are you able to communicate with us through the GPS device but we can also pinpoint your location to send assistance.


What Types of GPS Tracking do we use?

We currently use 2 different ways of tracking our machines. Our RZR Side-by-sides have built-in tracking units with real-time digital map support. Our snowmobiles and timbersleds come with GPS tracker/Satellite Communicators free of charge to ensure that all of our customers are within reach.


Rider Placement

From the moment we engage a customer, we are attempting to place that rider into equipment and terrain that is best suited to their riding experience and expectations. This helps to eliminate the chance of a beginner rider getting into terrain or equipment that is not suited to their skill level.

During the operational review and in-depth safety talks between the guests and the staff at RMAR, the staff can choose to change the machine or cancel the reservation if safety becomes a concern. Again, this helps to eliminate the chance that someone will become injured due to being outside of their riding level.


Terrain selection based on rider.

For “do-it-yourself” rentals, we thoroughly vet all guests for riding level and experience. For beginner riders and for those who are looking to experience the sport(s), we offer guided tours and riding clinics out of our Buena Vista location. Our guided trips are all private, allowing for plenty of one-on-one instruction on machine operation, riding skills, and alpine navigation which leads to a more proficient rider, and reduces the chances of injury or damage.


Maps/Mapping support

We have specialized maps for each location that detail safe riding zones, local regulations, and play areas. Our RZRs come outfitted with real time mapping tablets so that getting lost is never a risk.


Backcountry Safety Equipment

We include emergency Jump Packs for the bikes in the winter time in case the bike becomes hard to start for any reason. We also have BCA float bags, beacons, probes, and shovels at the ready for all winter backcountry renters.


Instructional Videos:

We offer a series of instructional videos that offer tips and tricks for riding in the backcountry. With more videos being added on a regular basis, please follow us on YouTube or join our mailing list to receive the new additions directly to your inbox.


Each Machine Equipped with Accident Flow Charts

Our machines come with accident flow charts to help our customers make good decisions in emergency situations. By providing guests with the proper information for contacting rescue personnel, and by providing an ordered decision tree, guests are able to better manage additional complications in emergency situations.


ASAP Program and GoTeam

A lot can happen while out in the backcountry. To help us stay sharp and to continually increase safety measures, we have created our own ASAP program to better communicate procedures and protocols throughout the company. The program is a location-based team improvement system. Any issue we have with any facet of our company or operations is logged and discussed so that the company learns together as a single unit, and so that a record of solutions to known issues continuously grows. This helps keep our staff knowledgeable and helps us provide the best experience to our guests as possible.

Along with the ASAP Program, we also have a GoTeam on staff during all hours of operations. This team is available to help extract any vehicles that may become damaged or any guests that may become sick or tired due to high altitude effects.

Whether you rent from us, take or tour from us, or choose another outfitter, backcountry safety needs to be at the top of your priority list. At Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals, we have gone to great lengths to ensure everyone’s safety but nothing is bullet proof. Unexpected events do happen while in the backcountry and it is up to you to determine if the risk are worth the reward.