ADA Accessibility

ADA Accessible Tours and Rentals

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Theodore Roosevelt


In this monumental time of innovation, technology, and extremely capable machines like the Polaris RZR PRO XP; we are reminded daily about the magnificence of outdoor accessibility. Thanks to the efforts of President Theodore Roosevelt, alongside Gifford Pinchot, we now have roughly 610 million acres of public land for multi-use recreation. These great pioneers lead the way and made outdoor accessibility possible, not for 1, but for all. As outdoor industry leaders, we are committed to expanding opportunities for everyone to enjoy our great public lands.


ADA Accessibility:

We strive to make each and every one of our customers feel confident, prepared, and safe in the backcountry. We pride ourselves in providing rentals and guided programs that can be enjoyed by everyone and do so by following the Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Accessibility Guidelines.


Why ADA Accessibility Matters:

If you’ve visited a National Park recently, you’ve seen how they are making huge strides in creating trails, walkways, and facilities more accessible for people with disabilities. Much of this was put into action in 2012 when the National Park Service launched its own ADA Accessibility Task Force. They have mapped out the path, and accessibility is the way forward. Currently, its estimated that 1 in 5 Americans deal with a disability. That means that nearly 20% of Americans would suffer if we did nothing to accommodate their needs. Not only is it our responsibility, it’s our great pleasure to help everyone get out and enjoy nature.


What We Do To Make Our Adventures ADA Accessible:

We do everything we can to get people out on trail. Our RZRs are equipped with comfortable bolstered bucket seats which allow for the driver and passenger seats to be adjusted, in addition to height adjustable seat belts. Other helpful features include a high roof height at 6 ft., bowed ¼ doors, 900lb payload capacity, and Walker Evans Suspension. These design elements give us the ability to make modifications and add adaptive equipment if necessary. For example:


Special seat-back cushions to allow for a better view of the trail

Arm or headrest cushions for optimum ride comfort

Securement of adaptive harness via straps and tie downs


With prior notice, we can help find the adaptive equipment necessary to accommodate any and all needs. This ensures that we are making every effort possible to provide access for people to ride trails and experience an authentic Colorado adventure.


Everything we do to make our adventures ADA accessible is with the highest safety standards and leading technology thanks to Polaris Industries.
*Please note these features do not apply to child car seats or booster seats. As long as you are able to grasp the handhold, with your feet firmly planted on the ground, and your back fully against the seat backrest, we will get you on trail*


Top Notch Guides

In addition to our safety standards and high quality machines, we also staff top notch guides. Our guides are local experts and professionals, who have experience when it comes to complying with ADA standards. They take our guests on truly unforgettable experiences, with terrain that can accommodate all riding abilities and skill level.


If you have any questions about how we can accommodate your next adventure, please reach out to us today:

Buena Vista 719-966-5233

Vail 970-471-8491

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