Frequently Asked Questions

Think of us as your Colorado Backcountry Concierge


Before heading out into the Colorado backcountry, there are a few items we need to mention.

#1. We are not a guided service. Once you sign the paperwork, you are on your own.


#2. Before leaving our shop, we will review the safety guidelines for your rental.


#3. We will walk you through the paperwork so you know exactly what you are signing and we will instruct you on how to properly load equipment onto the trailers.


#4. For trailering, you will need to have a 2” hitch ball on your vehicle. We do offer a few spares in the shop but do not depend on them being available.


#5. Once paperwork is signed and safety checks have been performed, you will be off on your adventure.


#6. You are responsible for your actions and are required to follow all local, state, and federal laws.


#7. The state of Colorado has 11 National Forest to explore. Each Forest has its own rules and regulations for backcountry travel.


#8. It is your responsibility to follow all trail signs, rules, and regulations. We do not tolerate the acts of breaking forest service laws as it directly effects the amount of land available to motor vehicle access. If we find you breaking the laws, you will be reported to the ranger districts.


#9. To avoid travel infractions, we recommend that you carry with you at all times a topographic map and gazetteer of the area that you plan on exploring. While in the backcountry, it is important to always follow the rules of LNT Principles (Leave No Trace). Lastly, always pack out your trash, do not bring glass on the trails and rivers and leave the wild life alone.


Do you deliver machines to Trail Heads?

No. It is illegal for us or any other rental company to deliver machines to any Trail Head

Do you offer clothing and gear rentals?

Yes. We offer a full line of winter outerwear rentals from FXR Racing including Boots, Pants, Jackets, Gloves, and Goggles.

Do you rent trucks for towing?

Yes. We have a Chevy Yukon available to rent for towing purposes.

Do I need a motorcycle endorsement to rent a slingshot?

No. As of 2017, the State of Colorado no longer requires a Motorcycle Endorsement to drive a Polaris Slingshot.

Do you offer guided tours?

We currently do not offer guided tours. However, we are in the process of changing that statement – check back soon for exciting updates.

What's included in my rental?

Trailer, Helmet and fuel is included with every rental. We recommend that everyone brings a backpack with food, water, sunscreen, and dress for the backcountry. An extra set of gloves and goggles are helpful as well.

Can we ride Snowmobiles and Timbersleds from your property?

No. Vail pass is the closest riding area which is about a 15 minute drive. It’s 55K acres. They groom multiple trails in the area. The trails make it easy to navigate and pull off it the woods to play in the powder. One can follow Shrine Pass road all the way to Redcliff on the groomed trail for lunch at Mangos.