Fall Foliage UTV Adventure

Duration: 9:30-3:30 | $850

Embark on an unforgettable fall adventure with our professionally guided UTV tour to St. Elmo’s in Colorado. As the leaves transition into vibrant hues, you’ll journey through breathtaking landscapes on a full-day excursion. Our expert guides will lead the way, ensuring a safe and exciting experience. Immerse yourself in the stunning fall foliage as you traverse rugged trails and witness nature’s artistic transformation. Along the journey, indulge in a delectable picnic lunch spread, savoring the flavors amidst the picturesque scenery. Discover the magic of St. Elmo’s ghost town, steeped in history and surrounded by nature’s canvas. This guided UTV tour promises an enriching escapade through autumn’s splendor.

Sunset Photo Tours

Duration: 3 Hours | $350

Embark on a captivating Sunset Jeep Photo Tour through the picturesque landscapes of Buena Vista, Colorado. Led by our expert guide, this immersive 3-hour journey promises awe-inspiring vistas and golden-hour enchantment. Traverse terrain in a comfortable Jeep, as your guide unveils hidden gems and local insights. Capture the evolving hues of the setting sun against majestic backdrops, perfect for crafting breathtaking photos.  Our knowledgeable guides will provide tips and guidance to help you capture the essence of the moment. Bring your camera or smartphone and a sense of adventure, and let the beauty of Buena Vista’s twilight create memories to last a lifetime.

Milky Way Photo Tours

Duration: 3 Hours | $450

Unveil the enchanting night sky with RMAR’s Milky Way Jeep Tour in Buena Vista, Colorado. Our expert photographer guides you in capturing celestial wonders amidst mountain vistas. Learn star photography techniques while navigating rugged trails in a comfortable Jeep. No prior skills required – just bring your DSLR camera with manual settings and a sense of wonder. Immerse yourself in the cosmos’ beauty and elevate your photography skills against the stunning backdrop of the Rockies. Join us for an illuminating journey under the stars!

Fall Colors Photo Tour: Capture Nature's Palette in Buena Vista, Colorado

Duration: 3.5 Hours | $625

Embark on a visual journey like no other with RMAR’s Fall Colors Photo Tour to Cottonwood lake and four mile in Buena Vista, Colorado. Guided by our expert team, this adventure invites you to witness the stunning transformation of autumn foliage. Traverse breathtaking landscapes on a guided jeep tour, tailored to seek out the most picturesque fall vistas, perfect for capturing remarkable photographs.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of fall foliage.
Explore the captivating beauty of Cottonwood Pass and Tin Cup.
Learn photography techniques from our professional in-house photographer.
Uncover hidden gems and scenic spots that embody the essence of fall.

Unleash your inner photographer and join us for an unforgettable journey through nature’s masterpiece. Create stunning memories and enhance your photography skills while reveling in the kaleidoscope of colors that define Colorado’s autumn.