Colorado Onewheel Rentals

A Onewheel, electric skateboard that can handle any terrain

Developed by the engineers at Future Motion, Inc, the Onewheel was inspired by the idea of bringing the feeling of snowboarding to pavement. Powered by a 2-horsepower electric motor, the Onewheel board has a top cruising speed of 16mph and has enough torque to climb over just about anything. The dynamic stabilization provides a lean-to-go control feature that allows you to carve turns just like snowboarding on both pavement and dirt.

Onewheel Rentals

Full Day: $75

Half Day: $50

Season: May - October

Rental Locations:

Buena Vista, Colorado


Vail, Colorado


Helmets are provided with each Onewheel Rental.

What is a Onewheel?

Imagine unicycling sideways on a skateboard with an onboard battery, electric motor, and microprocessor doing thousands of calculations a second to help keep you, the rider, balanced on a squishy yet firm wheel. And to accelerate, you simply move forward or backward.


How do Onewheels Work?

Onewheels use a 750 Watt Hypercore Brushless hub motor and Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide battery or Lithium NMC battery for short. There is also a Solid State MEMS 6-DOF senser that is responsible for deciding what direction to propel the rider, how fast, and when to stop the rider. To begin, the rider will position the onewheel much like a skareboard and to initiate a forward movement, the rider will step on the front of the board and shift their weight forward.


What to wear while on a Onewheel?

A helmet is definitely recommended and is included with each rental. For first time riders, we also recommend knee pads, wrist guards, gloves, and elbow pads. Treat a day on a onewheel no differently than a day of skateboarding.


Are OneWheels safe?

This depends completely on the rider and their choices. “Go slow to go Fast” is the moto at Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals. In other words, play it safe and make conservative decisions when starting out. Test the limits a little bit at a time and make smart choices. It is okay to stop and assess terrain BEFORE riding it on your OneWheel.


Are OneWheels street legal?

Always check your local laws on the internet or at a local government building. As a guideline, obey the same rules as riding a bike. Stay in bike lanes and do not impede the flow of traffic. For all dismount zones in busy pedestrian areas, dismount just like you would with a bicycle or skateboard.


Can Onewheels go uphill?

Absolutely! OneWheels are designed to keep their riders moving through variable gradients of terrain. OneWheels do not perform well when the gradient of variable terrain exceeds 15 degrees.


Can Onewheels get wet?

Onewheels are water resistent. If it’s pouring rain you probably do not want to be riding your OneWheel anyways and before charging, the manufacturer recommends letting your OneWheel dry completely. During colder seasons make sure not to store the OneWheel outside in the cold. Cold is almost never good for electronics and batteries of any kind.

Where to Ride OneWheels in Colorado


All deposits are non-refundable. We require 7 days notice for all cancellations. The renter will be charged the full rental price for all machines reserved and cancelled if cancelled inside of 7 days of the start time. All cancellations outside of 7 days of the start time will be charged 10% of the rental amount as a cancellation fee.