Guided Side-by-Side Tours: St. Elmo, Colorado

Advanced & Expert Terrain Only: St. Elmo and Mt. Antero

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Advanced to Expert Side-by-Side UTV Tours

Season: Mid-May thru Mid-October

St. Elmo and Mt. Antero: Buena Vista

RMAR now offers guided side-by-side tours of the St. Elmo and Mt. Antero regions of Buena Vista Colorado. This Mining District and permitted space is for day tours and rentals only. The area offers a variety of ATV & 4×4 trails ranging from advanced to highly technical in a uniquely beautiful, historic, and unforgettable setting. The two primary peaks of Mt. Princeton (14,197′) and Mt. Antero (14,269′) will greet you on the way into our starting location right in the historic mining town of St. Elmo. Here you will find a number of restored buildings and antiquities from a bygone era. A number of off-roading possibilities present themselves from our starting point and these adventurous trails certainly will not lack in elevation so kindly be prepared for cooler temperatures even in the months of July and August.

Quick Facts

Full Day Rentals Only

Advanced and Expert Terrain

Guided Tours Only

Deep Forest

High Alpine Lakes

4-Seat Side-By-Side

Full Day: $699

What To Pack, What To Wear

Bring: Day Pack with plenty of Sunscreen

Pack: Plenty of Water and Snacks

Pack: Rain Gear and a Mid Layer

Wear: Hiking boots or Shoes. No Flip-Flops

Wear: Warm Weather Layer

Weather at high altitude can change frequently and is highly unpredictable. You should pack for all temperatures.

Using one of the old, original mining roads one can venture a few miles south to the ghost town of Hancock which lends itself to a number of great photo opportunities and exploration. Should you decide to venture on the nearby Alpine Tunnel Trail be mindful that no motorized vehicles are allowed, though this trail is about two miles long one-way and first brought the railroad to Buena Vista through the Continental Divide. Another such trail that leads out and is accessible for ATVs but is also highly technical is the Iron Chest Mine which should only be attempted by very experienced operators. This is considered one of the most technical trails in Colorado and folks come into the area from everywhere to access its spectacular views from up top. But be advised– there are points along the way that will make the hairs on your neck stand endwise if heights bother you.


For the more faint of heart and a little further south is a great side trail leading to the Pomeroy Lakes and the Mary Murphy Mine. This easy-going trail will provide you with some of the best photos you’ll take on your tour and give your riders a time to relax and take in the spectacular scenery of water reflecting the blue sky much like a giant mirror. As a point of interest the Mary Murphy gold mine was by far the most prolific in the St. Elmo area and made hundreds of millions in today’s dollars. Its ruins make for interesting viewing but be careful exploring too close– there are hazards associated with old mining structures in decay.


Lastly, Tin Cup Pass leads out from the opposite side of town and crosses over the Continental Divide at roughly 12,000 feet. Depending upon the time of year there may be snow blockage along the way but late mid July through early September is the ideal time to take in this fan favorite. If majestic mountains and vistas spreading out as far as the eye can see are your cup of tea then Tin Cup is a must!


What to Expect:

The terrain in St. Elmo is a mix of deep forest, high alpine tundra, technical rock climbing and more. Each trail offers something unique and many find their way to high alpine lakes and big mountain vistas.
The day will begin at our Buena Vista location to finalize paperwork. Once completed, you will follow us to the trail head in your own vehicle. At the trailhead we will conduct safety talks and review operation of the machines. From there, we will set off into the backcountry.


All deposits are non-refundable. We require 7 days notice for all cancellations. If canceled within 7 days of reservation date, renter will be charged full rental price for each machine reserved. All cancellations outside of 7 days of the reservation day will be charged 10% of the rental amount as a cancellation fee.