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SUP Board Rentals : Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Whether you’re a first-timer or an expert at stand up paddle boarding (SUP), you’ll want to try out this growing water sport here in Vail, Colorado, where mountain peaks and scenic vistas inspire any adventure. The Vail area is unique for stand up paddle boarding because it offers opportunities for relaxing lake floats and for exciting river paddling.

Sol Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards

SUP Board Rentals

We currently offer Paddle Board rentals from  Sol Paddle Boards. Sol Paddle Boars are individually handmade stand up paddle boards that are known for their overall quality, durability, rigidity, and stiffness.

We sell and rent stand up paddle boards, and we take the rental price off of your purchase price if you decide to buy a board you rent. We’re also able to sell other Sol SUP models, even if we do not currently rent them here at RMAR. The Sol stand up paddle boards we currently have available include:

Choose Your Paddleboard

Rental days are from 8a.m. until 6p.m. If you would like to pick up your board rental on the day before or keep your board rental overnight, there will be an added fee of $20.

Sol Sombrero

Full day $45

A single-person inflatable stand up paddle board, the Sol Sombrero is a burly 8 inches thick and 39 inches wide, which means it’s good for overnight trips when you’ll be carrying more weight on your board. Yoga enthusiasts also love the stability and rigidity of this board.

Sol Sumo

Full day $45

This single-person inflatable stand up paddle board is versatile enough for a variety of adventures from lake and river paddling to yoga. Its stable platform makes it a good choice for fishing, and it’s built to carry a heavy payload, which means that kids, dogs, and an extra passenger can ride along.

Sol Fiesta

Full day $65

Get ready to party with the Sol Fiesta, a double-wide stand up paddle board that’s perfect for a floating picnic. This party barge of a board has a width of 5 and a half feet, so it is truly possible to hang out with friends and family for a paddling adventure, or stretch way out on this board’s generous width for a free-flowing yoga session.

Being located in the central Rocky Mountains of Vail Colorado, we are lucky to have numerous rivers and reservoirs all within a few minutes of our shop. From the slow moving waters of the Upper Colorado River to the shore lines of Lake Dillon and Sylvan Lake, there are no shortages of available water to paddle. Visit our Paddle Board Trips section to learn more about where you can bring the boards in Colorado and Utah.