Colorado Timbersled Rentals

Explore Vail Pass, Piney Lake and more on a Timbersled Snow Bike Rental


Timbersled Rentals

Full Day: $399

KTM Snow Bike Rentals Colorado

Timbersled Season: December - April


Each Rental Includes:



Tank of Gas


Winter Riding Pants

Winter Riding Jacket

Winter Riding Boots

GoPro Video Camera

Chevy Yukon (towing)

BCA Float Packs


Vail Office: 970-471-8491

Our cancellation policy: If cancelled within 48 hours, non-refundable.

Timbersled which are also known as Snow Bikes have quickly become the fastest growing winter sport. As the first company in Colorado to offer the Timbersleds as a winter rental, we have spent countless hours testing and improving these machines for high-altitude, winter use.

Unguided Timbersled Rentals? How does that work?

Due to Forest Service Laws, we cannot legally drop machines off at Trail Heads or act as a Guided Service in the Vail, Colorado Area. What we do is provide you with a trailer at no cost and we show you were to go – you are your own guide. If you do not have a vehicle that can tow, we have a Chevy Yukon that you can rent for an added fee. If you are looking for a guided experience, we offer Guided Timbersled Snow Bike Tours at our Buena Vista location. 

We Provide the Best Timbersled Rentals in Colorado

Don’t take our word for it. Watch Brian Deegan describe his experience on our rental bikes or watch the guys from Breed of Speed race around Vail Pass.

Are Timbersleds Hard to Ride?

NO! Timbersled Snow Bikes are easier to ride than a Snowmobile in the powder. They offer stability and agility when you need it and most riders who are new to the sport will usually feel comfortable on a Timbersled within the first hour of use.

Can Kids Timbersled?

You Betcha! We love kids that ride and we offer the ST Ripper from Timbersled for those of you looking to get your kids into the sport.

Where to Ride TImbersleds in Colorado