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Explore Vail Pass, Cottonwood Pass and more on a Timbersled Snow Bike Rental

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Colorado Timbersled Season: December - April


Full-Day. Unguided Only

Timbersled Rentals from our Minturn shop require you to trailer the Timbersleds to your desired destination for riding. Trailers are included in rental and our staff is available for suggestions on where to ride.

Rent From Vail/Minturn

Minturn Office: 970-471-8491


Full- and Half-Day Rentals. UnGuided Only

Located just 20 minutes from Vail Colorado, our new Red Cliff location provides direct access to the popular Vail Pass Recreation Area. We are the only Timbersled Outfitter with direct access to Vail Pass.

Rent From Red Cliff

Vail Office: 970-471-8491


Timbersled Rentals

Full- and Half-Day Rentals.

From Buena Vista, we can arrange to drop off the Timbersled Rentals at the Cottonwood Pass or St. Elmo trail heads – where our permits allow for it.  St. Elmo is considered Advanced Terrain.

Rent From Buena Vista

Buena Vista Office: 719-966-5233



Trailer (Minturn)

Tank of Gas

GPS Tracking


Winter Riding Pants

Gloves and Goggles

Winter Riding Boots

BCA Float Packs and Avy Beacons


Full-Day: $475

Half-Day: $345

Unguided Timbersled Rentals out of Vail/Minturn. How does that work?

Due to Forest Service Laws, it is illegal for Outfitters such as ourselves to drop machines off at trailheads or provide guided service in the Vail, Colorado area. What we can do is provide you with a trailer at no cost and show you where to go on your own. If you are looking for a guided experience, we offer Guided Timbersled Snow Bike Tours at our Buena Vista location. From our Red Cliff location, you can take yourself on an unguided tour without the need for a trailer.


What are Timbersled Snow Bikes?

Timbersleds have quickly become the fastest growing winter sport. It is essentially dirt biking on snow. The front tire is replaced with a large ski and the back tire has been replaced with a narrow snowmobile track. As the first company in Colorado to offer the Timbersleds as a winter rental, we have spent countless hours testing and improving these machines for high-altitude, winter use.


Who can rent Timbersleds?

Generally speaking, we prefer someone with motorcycle or dirt bike experience, however the learning curve is extremely friendly. Even with little to no experience, you’ll be carving in no time, finding treelines that no snowmobiler has ever seen. Our half-day and full-day guided trips in Buena Vista are designed to teach new riders how to ride and help improve skills for those with experience. The additional advantage here is that riding these machines in deep powder requires less ‘stuck’ time, due to their light weight and agility.


Are Timbersleds hard to ride?

Not at all. Timbersled Snow Bikes are easier to ride than a Snowmobile in the powder. They offer stability and agility when you need it and most riders who are new to the sport will usually feel comfortable on a Timbersled within the first hour of use. Keep in mind, a Timbersled is a motorcycle which means that the rider is required to know how to shift gears as they would on any other motorcycle or dirt bike. Read more on what it’s like to ride a Timbersled from our very own Sasha Eagan

timbersleds for kids

Can kids ride Timbersleds?

You Betcha! We love kids that ride and we offer the ST Ripper from Timbersled for those of you looking to get your kids into the sport. Cottonwood Pass in Buena Vista offers some great terrain to learn how to ride on. We currently only have a single Timbersled ST Ripper for kids and if you would like to rent it, please give us a call directly at: 970-471-8491.

What is the proper name for a Timbersled?

Anytime a new sport comes along, the debate begins on what to call it. The Timbersled Snowbike goes by many names including Snow Bike, Timbersled, Snowtorcycle, Snow Dirt Bike, Mountain Sled, Timber Sled, Snow Scooter, Snow Motorbike, Snow Moto, Snow Bike Sled, Dirt Bike with Snow Tracks, Snow Bike Motorcycle, and Snow Motorcycle. So how do you know which one to refer to the sport as?


Timbersled itself is a Brand name and they were the company who really started the movement. Our rental fleet is 100% Timbersled while using the KTM engines/bodies which is why we refer to it as “Timbersled Rentals.”


What is the difference between a Snow Bike and a Timbersled?

Snow Bikes and Timbersleds are used interchangeably but an actual Snow Bike refers to the original mountain bikes that use skis instead of tires in the winter. You can rent these on Vail Mountain and other ski areas.


In the end, the sport is still finding its name. We will continue to refer to it as Timbersled Snowbikes but we are also a big fan of SnowMoto.

Timbersled Snow Bike Experience

Buena Vista: Cottonwood Pass

Legendary Pro Rider: Brian Deegan


We require 7 days notice for all cancellations. The renter will be charged the full rental price for all machines reserved and cancelled if cancelled inside of 7 days of the start time. All cancellation outside of 7 days of the start time will be charged 10% of the rental amount as a cancellation fee. All deposits are non-refundable, however we will transfer the dollar amount to another rental within the same season.


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