Timbersled Rentals

Colorado Timbersled Season: December - April

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Timbersled Rentals

As the first company in the United States to offer Timbersled Rentals, we at RMAR take great pride in our in-depth knowledge of these machines. Since launching, we have been leading the industry from introducing new riders to the sport to working with manufacturers to improve performance.



Trailer (Minturn)

Tank of Gas

GPS Tracking


Winter Riding Pants

Gloves and Goggles

Winter Riding Boots

BCA Float Packs and Avy Beacons


Full-Day: $550

Half-Day: $380

Timbersled Rentals Vail Colorado

Unguided Timbersled Rentals

Location: Vail Pass

Vail/Red Cliff Reservations: 970-471-8491

Our Red Cliff location is the only place where you can have direct access to Vail on a Timbersled. We are the only outfitter able to provide this service. All Rentals out of Red Cliff are unguided. You will access to over 55,000 acres of pristine riding terrain on what is essentially the backside of Vail Mountain.

timbersled tours

Unguided Timbersled Rentals

Location: Buena Vista

Buena Vista Reservations: 719-966-5233

From our location in Buena Vista, we offer Guided and Unguided Timbersled Rentals. For Unguided, you will have access to Cottonwood Pass which offers a variety of terrain from beginner to advanced.

Timbersled Snow Bike Experience

Buena Vista: Cottonwood Pass

Legendary Pro Rider: Brian Deegan

What's it like to ride a Timbersled?

For experienced dirt bike and motorcycle riders, or highly seasoned snowmobile riders wanting to try a new winter sport. Riding a Timbersled is like riding a dirt bike on the snow. Rather than tires, the Timbersled has a large ski in front and a narrow snowmobile track on the back. 


On a Timbersled, riders can access treelines too narrow for snowmobiles. An additional advantage is the lighter weight and increased agility of a Timbersled typically equates to less time stuck in the snow. These machines are lighter and easier to maneuver in deep powder than snowmobiles. 


Timbersleds are often referred to as Snowbikes, but they are not to be confused with the motorless snow bikes you may see at the ski resorts. 


As the first company in the entire state of Colorado to offer Timbersleds as a winter rental, RMAR has spent countless hours testing and improving these machines for our experienced riders. 

Who can rent Timbersleds?

With safety always our top priority, we prefer riders have motorcycle or dirt bike experience. If you do not have that type of experience, but ready and willing to learn, our Buena Vista location is the ideal place to start. Our half-day or full-day guided trips in Buena Vista are designed to teach new riders how to ride a Timbersled and improve their skills. For riders with experience wanting to step up their game, these guided tours are also a great way to spend a day in backcountry snow. 

Are Timbersleds hard to ride?

Timbersleds offer stability and agility. Most riders who are new to the sport will usually feel comfortable on a Timbersled within the first few hours of use. Keep in mind, a Timbersled is basically a motorcycle with a ski and a snowmobile track, which means that the rider is required to shift gears as they would on any other motorcycle or dirt bike. Again, a guided Timbersled tour is a great place to start.


All deposits are non-refundable. We require 7 days notice for all cancellations. If canceled within 7 days of reservation date, renter will be charged full rental price for each machine reserved. All cancellations outside of 7 days of the reservation day will be charged 10% of the rental amount as a cancellation fee.