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Explore Vail Pass, Piney Lake and more on a Timbersled Snow Bike

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Timbersled Rentals

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Timbersled which are also known as Snow Bikes have quickly become the fastest growing winter sport. Our Timbersled Snow Bike Rentals use the 2017 KTM 450SXF bodies with the Timbersled Mountain Horse Short Track. The KTM Snow Bikes offer the most power on the market and have been thoroughly tested in winter conditions.

We Provide the Best Timbersled Rentals in Colorado

Don’t take our word for it. Watch Brian Deegan describe his experience on our rental bikes or watch the guys from Breed of Speed race around Vail Pass.

Are Timbersleds Hard to Ride?

NO! Timbersled Snow Bikes are easier to ride than a Snowmobile in the powder. They offer stability and agility when you need it and most riders who are new to the sport will usually feel comfortable on a Timbersled within the first hour of use.

Can Kids Timbersled?

You Betcha! We love kids that ride and we offer the ST Ripper from Timbersled for those of you looking to get your kids into the sport.

Each Timbersled Rental Includes:

  • Trailer
  • Tank of Gas
  • Helmet

Available to Rent:

  • Winter Riding Pants
  • Winter Riding Jacket
  • Winter Riding Boots
  • GoPro Video Camera
  • Chevy Yukon for Towing
  • BCA Avalanche Packs

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Where to Ride TImbersleds in Colorado

Timbersled Snow Bike History

The idea of the Timbersled started back in 2001. The original concepts were using a tire on front with the track system mounted in the back. There were numerous modifications through the years and for the most part, the original Timbersled was difficult to ride and just didn’t offer the float that one looks for when riding through snow. The real breakthroughs came in 2010 and by 2013 the Timbersled Snow Bike was using a super light weight ski up front and a modified rear suspension that offered the necessary float. Now entering 2016, the Timbersled has quickly become the preferred choice for backcountry travel.

In 2013, Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals became the first company in Colorado to offer the Timbersled Snow Bike as a rental machine. Since then, we have continued to push the boundaries of the sport and introduce Timbersledding to new riders across the country and world. In 2017, Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals won the first ever Timbersled Enduro Race and is also credited with having the first women’s Timbersled racing team. Through the years, we have perfected the install kits to work efficiently and effectively on KTM Dirt bikes to handle the most extreme conditions.


While the sport of Timbersledding is still in its infancy, we here at Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals are excited for what the future holds and hope that you will come join us soon.

Call to Reserve: 970-471-8491