Vail Backcountry Skiing

Rent a Utility Snowmobile from RMAR and Ski the backcountry of Vail Pass

Vail Backcountry Skiin

If you love cutting fresh tracks, just want to ski or ride without dodging beginner skiers, children and crowds, we’ve got the perfect hidden-gem activity for you. If you’re an experienced skier or rider who dreams of hitting the backcountry powder but without the avalanche danger, going full send off a cliff and the grueling uphill trek, you’ll love tow-in skiing.

Backcountry Skiing Snowmobiles from RMAR

Red Cliff Tow In Skiing Snowmobiles

Have you heard the term “earn your turns”? It’s a phrase coined by backcountry skiers to playfully shame those who ride the lift to get to the top of the mountain. But maybe an uphill climb in deep snow wearing ski or riding boots isn’t your idea of fun. How does motorized-assisted turn-earning sound?

Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals is the only Eagle County outfitter with tow-in snowmobiles. There are 3 backcountry peaks in the Vail Pass Recreation Area for your backcountry pleasure with no hiking and no lift lines, and lots of powder! Ride out of our Red Cliff location on a tow-in sled.

Full Day Rentals Only

All Backcountry Skiing Snowmobile Rentals are available from our Red Cliff location with direct access to Vail Pass. For those looking to ski Cottonwood Pass in Buena Vista, you have the option to trailer the machines to the trailhead from Red Cliff. Give us a call for more details

Rental Includes:

Full Tank of Gas


GPS Tracking

Available to Rent:

Float Packs & Avy Gear


Book Your Rental:

Full Day Rental: $550

Call: 970-471-8491

Skiing Vail Pass

The backcountry terrain on Vail Pass is 99% avalanche free. The conditions are monitored daily and you will receive thorough directions and instructions from an RMAR guide before heading out.

The only comparable experience is snow-cat skiing, however, tow-in skiing will provide you with more runs in a shorter amount of time, more control over your choice of terrain with the ability to easily traverse to different peaks, all at a much lower cost than cat skiing. Riding uphill holding onto a tow rope behind a snowmobile feels a bit like water skiing. Difficulty can range from hard intermediate to expert. There are even some groomed trails to choose.


Terrain choices on Vail Pass for backcountry skiing can include tree runs or above tree line without the danger of tree wells and hidden stumps, making tow-in skiing perfect for those who have only previously skied at a resort. Experienced backcountry users can find some sweet steeps and ledges.

Safety Protocol

For safety, all tow-in riders must go out with a buddy regardless of skill level. One will drive the snowmobile up and back down while the other is pulled up by the tow rope and then skis or boards down their chosen line under the watch of their buddy on the snowmobile. Our tow-in sleds are equipped with racks for ski and ride equipment.


We follow the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) forecasts and daily advisories. Know the danger of tree wells, keep your buddy nearby and don’t venture into terrain beyond your ability. The CAIC offers avalanche safety courses for backcountry users. Always pack the proper equipment and if you don’t have your own, we carry avalanche beacons and shovels for rental.