TImbersled Snow Bike Rentals in Vail Colorado

Polaris 850 PRO RMK Snowmobile Rentals - built custom for RMAR by Polaris

Full Day $399

We really do not toy around with our equipment choices and that holds true with our Snowmobile Rentals. When we were researching which snowmobiles to offer, the choice became extremely clear that there simply was not a better machine on the market for Vail Colorado Snowmobiling than the Polaris 800 PRO RMK. The RMK800 is the preferred choice for almost every rider in Colorado and though the power of the sled makes it seem as though it is more for the expert level rider, the fact that it is less than 500 lbs makes it very manageable for even those of you who are new to the sport of powder snowmobiling. There are some fundamental techniques that one must acquire and you can learn about those techniques on our post about how to ride a snowmobile in powder.

Snowmobiling in and around Vail Colorado can challenge the best riders and yet also be forgiving enough for the novice and first-time riders. When it comes to riding our snowmobile rentals, for those of you who are experienced riders, there really will not be any learning curve unless you are coming from the midwest where the trails are more often than not, hard packed. For those of you who are new to the sport or maybe trying to get back into it after a few years away, we think you’ll find the Polaris 800 PRO RMK manageable; you will most likely be riding it smoothly within an hours time of practice.

Snowmobile Rentals : Under valued benefit:

Heated handle bars. That’s right, the RMK 800 is equipped with heated handle bars. This may not sound like a big deal but once you get out in the back country of Colorado, you will be very thankful to have warm hands. That being said, still wear a proper set of cold weather gloves.


Additional Snowmobile Rental Information:
Must have drivers license present upon rental. Credit Card and Deposit will be taken upon reservation.
Our cancellation policy: If cancelled within 48 hours, non-refundable.

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