Colorado Snowmobile Rentals

High Performance Powder Sleds, Trail Sleds, and Tow-In Skiing Utility Sleds

Colorado Snowmobile Season: December - April

colorado snowmobile rentals
RMAR Mechanic, Walker Houghton on one of our Pro RMK Patriot 850

What types of Snowmobiles do we rent?

trails sled rentals colorado

Touring / Trail Sled snowmobiles (Trail Sleds)

These sleds are designed for groomed trails and comfort. Sporting two large, cushioned seats for two riders, the air-cooled motors are designed for putting miles on without stopping. These machines are poorly equipped to handle deep snow and steep faces, but are a fantastic entry-level machine for anyone wanting to see the backcountry.

Rental Locations: Red Cliff | Buena Vista

Cottonwood Pass Snowmobile Tours

High-performance Mountain Snowmobile (Powder Sleds)

These sleds are designed to push the limits and ride near-vertical terrain. They have tons of power, but they are cooled by snow, so if you are trying to ride a lot of trail, pick something else. This machine is designed to be steep and deep all day. Generally considered an excellent intermediate to advanced machine. Mountain Snowmobiles are designed for a single rider only.

Rental Locations: Red Cliff | Buena Vista | Vail/Minturn (DiY Only)

NEW FOR 2020/2021!

Snowmobiles designed for Tow-In Skiing

Tow-In Skiing, Utility Snowmobiles

These sleds are built to deliver performance wherever your snowmobiling day takes you. Used primarily for towing in skiers to reach those hard to get to powder lines, the aggressive tracks and tough, wide skis keep you on top of the snow and deliver the best off-trail performance with confident trail handling at any speed..

Rental Locations: Red Cliff



Trailer (Eagle-Vail)

Tank of Gas

GPS Tracking


Winter Riding Pants

Gloves and Goggles

Winter Riding Boots

GoPro Video Camera

Chevy Yukon (towing)

BCA Float Packs and Avy Beacons


Full-Day Powder Sled: $450

Full-Day Tow-In Ski Sled: $450

Full-Day Trail Sled: $399

Half-Day Trail Sled: $249

Choose your rental location

Lodging packages available at each location.

Rent From Buena Vista, CO

Buena Vista Office: 719-966-5233

Full- and Half-Day Guided Tours.

We currently only offer Guided Snowmobile Tours out of our Buena Vista location. All guided tours take place on Cottonwood Pass. Visit our Buena Vista location below to learn more.

Rent From Red Cliff, CO

Red Cliff Office: 970-471-8491

Full- and Half-Day Rentals. UnGuided Only

Just 20 minutes from downtown Vail Colorado, our Red Cliff location allows you to ride the snowmobiles directly onto Vail Pass. This is the only location where we offer Trail, Powder, and skiing sleds.


Rent From Minturn, CO.

Vail Office: 970-471-8491

Full-Day. Unguided Only

Rentals from our Vail/Minturn shop require you to trailer the snowmobiles to your destination for riding. Trailers are included in rental and our staff is available for suggestions on where to ride.

Riding Tips: How to get unstuck

Are Snowmobiles hard to ride in the powder?

There are some fundamental techniques that one must acquire to be able to ride a snowmobile in powder. When it comes to riding our snowmobile rentals, for those of you who are experienced riders, there really will not be any learning curve unless you are coming from the midwest where the trails are more often than not, hard packed. For those of you who are new to the sport or maybe trying to get back into it after a few years away, we think you’ll find the Polaris PRO RMK850 manageable; you will most likely be riding it smoothly within an hours time of practice.


What are the types of Snowmobiles?

There are several types of snowmobiles including Trail Snowmobiles, Sport Trail Snowmobiles, Touring Snowmobiles, Performance Snowmobiles, Utility Snowmobiles, Crossover Snowmobiles, and Mountain Snowmobiles.