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Timbersled Season: December - April

Now taking reservations for the 2019/2020 winter season! 970-471-8491



Full-Day, Unguided Only

Full Day: $399

From our Vail location in Eagle-vail, you will have access to multiple snowmobile riding locations near Vail including the popular Vail Pass Recreation Area. Starting from our shop, we will provide you with the trailer and snowmobile and give you a few safety instructions and directions. We do not provide guided snowmobile tours out of our Vail Colorado Location. All snowmobile rentals are full-day and unguided.


Full- and Half-Day Rentals

Full Day: $450 / Half Day: $325

From Buena Vista, we can arrange to drop off the Snowmobile Rentals at theCottonwood Pass trail heads – where our permits allow for it.  We offer guided and unguided rentals in Buena Vista.


Each Rental Includes:



Tank of Gas


Winter Riding Pants

Winter Riding Jacket

Winter Riding Boots

GoPro Video Camera

Chevy Yukon (towing)

BCA Float Packs


Vail Office: 970-471-8491

Buena Vista Office: 719-966-5233

Our cancellation policy: If cancelled within 48 hours, non-refundable.

Snowmobile Rentals Vail Colorado

For the 2019/20 Winter Season, we will be running both the 2019 Polaris Pro RMK850 Patriots and a variety of Trail Sleds. Snowmobile rentals from our Vail location are “Do-It-Yourself” rentals. You are your own guide and you can take the machines anywhere where snowmobiles are permitted. We only offer Full-day rentals from Vail and each rental includes a trailer. A truck is required to pull the trailer and we have a Chevy Yukon for rent if you do not have a truck available.


Snowmobile Rentals Buena Vista Colorado near Colorado Springs

Looking to get off the beaten path of Vail snowmobile locations? Buena Vista is home to some of the best untouched powder in the state. Cottonwood pass offers a great trail system and open powder fields. The nearest snowmobiling to Colorado Springs, we offer a variety of Trail sleds and both guided and unguided rentals for those of you coming up from Colorado Springs, Denver, or out of state. We currently do not offer our Pro RMK850s in Buena Vista.


Are Snowmobiles hard to ride in the powder?

There are some fundamental techniques that one must acquire to be able to ride a snowmobile in powder. When it comes to riding our snowmobile rentals, for those of you who are experienced riders, there really will not be any learning curve unless you are coming from the midwest where the trails are more often than not, hard packed. For those of you who are new to the sport or maybe trying to get back into it after a few years away, we think you’ll find the Polaris PRO RMK850 manageable; you will most likely be riding it smoothly within an hours time of practice.