Piney Lake Region

Piney Lake Colorado

Winter Open Motorized Travel

Nestled up against the famous "Gore Range," the Piney Lake Region offers a great mix of forest riding and above timberline riding. From Vail Colorado heading north, you will access the region from a single trail head off of Red Sandstone Road  where you will find parking locations for trailers near the US Forest Service Trail marker sign. Be forewarned that the first 4 miles of the trip may be a bit traffic heavy due to all of the trails in the area funneling into one access point. The Piney Lake Region offers no shortages of open powder fields and a good mix of terrain difficulty from beginner to expert. The views from the Red & White trail system of Vail and Beaver Creek Mountain are second to none.  While at Piney Lake, you will often times find yourself within a few yards of the local Moose and other wildlife including deer and mountain goats. We ask that you be respectful of the wildlife in the area and please remember to always pack out your trash.

Location Details

Parking Available

Located in White River National Forest

Seasonal Activities

Snowmobiling / Timbersleds

Back Country Skiing / Snowboarding

Snowshoeing / XC Skiing

RZR's / 4x4 / Dirt Biking

Hiking / Backpacking


  1. Alway have Avalanche rescue gear and know how to use it.
  2. Uphill traffic and snowcats have the right of way.
  3. Ride single file. Pass on the left.
  4. Use designated pick-up/drop-off spots.
  5. Stay in control.
  6. Always ride the fall line.
  7. NEVER ride above groups.

These maps are for reference only. Always carry certified U.S. Forest Maps and GPS devices while in the back country. It is your responsibility to know the hazards involved in back country travel and to use proper safety gear and procedures to minimize risks and hazards.