Sylvan Lake Region

Sylvan Lake Region

Some of the best open space in Colorado can be found in the Sylvan Lake Region. A popular summer destination, this area is filled with open fields, high alpine terrain, and enough acreage to keep you busy for days. South of Eagle Colorado, Sylvan lake area is about as off-the-grid as you can get so plan accordingly. Fill up your tanks before leaving Eagle and bring enough food and water to get you through the day. Have forest maps and GPS devices on hand and be sure to let others know where you plan on going and when. Other than a few remote cabins, you will be on your own and due the size of the region, you may see other riders but it will feel as if you have the space to yourself. Keep a watchful eye out for cross country skiers and snowshoe trekkers as it is a popular destination for almost every winter activity in Colorado that is not associated with chairlifts.

Location Details

Parking Available

Over 90,000 Acres

Located in White River National Forest

Seasonal Activities

Snowmobiling / Timbersleds

Snowshoeing / XC Skiing

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  1. Alway have Avalanche rescue gear and know how to use it.
  2. Uphill traffic and snowcats have the right of way.
  3. Ride single file. Pass on the left.
  4. Use designated pick-up/drop-off spots.
  5. Stay in control.
  6. Always ride the fall line.
  7. NEVER ride above groups.

These maps are for reference only. Always carry certified U.S. Forest Maps and GPS devices while in the back country. It is your responsibility to know the hazards involved in back country travel and to use proper safety gear and procedures to minimize risks and hazards.