Stan M.

A native of Louisiana, Stan has been living and guiding in the state of Colorado since 1998. Raised on 2-strokes and 4-strokes, Stan grew up racing AMA and eventually became a professional dirt bike racer and AMA instructor. For almost 20 years, Stan has been guiding snowmobiles and now Timbersleds. In addition to his skills as a mechanic and guide, he has also worked as an EMT and for BRAAAP films as a cameraman and medic.

Peter H.

A 19D Scout in the US Army, his military training, discipline, and connection to his team lead him through two combat tours in Iraq. After leaving the service, Peter moved back to his home state of Colorado to build on what he learned as a soldier with training in mountaineering and guiding.  Peter holds certifications in CERT response, first aid, CPR, and avalanche rescue and advanced driving techniques .He lives by the rule “Always leave the land and a story better than you found it.” He has been called a “walking, talking encyclopedia” by customers is “Adept at creating safe exercise in dynamic situations.”

Morgan B.

Morgan grew up in Colorado with nature has her playground. Morgan has been guiding and leading a variety of programs since graduating from CSU in 2014 with her BS in Wildlife Biology. Her experience ranges from wildflower and snowshoe hikes; to teaching bmx biking, paddleboarding, and instructing power yoga. Now, in her role with RMAR, she thoroughly enjoys riding RZRs and checking out new backcountry trails with a fresh perspective on 4 wheels. Morgan is excited to bring her upbeat energy, adventurous instincts, and wildlife knowledge to all of her experiences at Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals.

Jeffrey L.

Born and raised in Colorado, Jeffrey is a Leave No Trace Trainer, certified by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). He also holds an AIRE Level I Avalanche Awareness certification and motorcycle endorsement. The mountains are his natural element and his goal in life is to connect as many people with the outdoors and nature as possible, and to inspire more folks to spend as much time outside as possible.

Clay B.

Clay moved to the Colorado high country after college. Has spent nearly 2 decades exploring the backcountry since then. Professionally, he’s spent years in customer service and hospitality, educating visitors in all the various aspects of mountain adventures. We built this business to provide first class adventures we’ve discovered in our years of exploring the high country.

Michelle P.

Michelle moved to Colorado over 20 years ago and has been enjoying the great outdoors since. She has a background in management with the outdoor rental industry for over 5 years as well as managing a custom bike shop in Colorado Springs for over 3 years. Previously, she was a Respiratory Therapist specializing in rehabilitation and has a passion for bringing the outdoors to everyone, especially those that have limitations.  Her goal is to provide customers with the best equipment and unforgettable Colorado adventures.

Jed T.

Originally a native of Texas, Jed began coming to Chaffee County as a young boy and fell in love with this amazing slice of Colorado way back then. After making the move permanent a couple years ago he has been active in a local hiking club and enjoys photography and painting. Jed has been an avid rider of Triumph and BMW enduro motorcycles for over 20 years and has travelled extensively on five continents. Always a student of history, Jed has immersed himself in the local stories and heritage of Buena Vista and the surrounding areas with a workable knowledge of many of the mining claims one might encounter on tour. He considers himself a “people person” and appreciates the opportunity RMAR affords him to work outside in an exciting industry while getting the chance to meet new and diverse folks from all over. And if he finds out you speak Spanish don’t be offended if he tries out his Tex-Mex skills on you unexpectedly…

Brian F.

A former mountain guide himself, Brian brings over 18 years of growth management and product development experience in the travel, ecommerce, and special event Industries. He has consulted with and worked with companies throughout South America, East Asia, Europe, and the United States. Brian teamed up with RMAR back in 2015 as a product and growth advisor.