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Colorado RZR ATV Season: May - October

From White River National Forest around Vail and Red Cliff, Colorado to the high desert, off-road wonderland of Buena Vista, there is simply no better way to explore the backcountry than on an RZR Side-by-side. We offer Guided and Unguided rentals for beginners to advanced riders and can customize any trip.


Full-Day. Unguided Only

Rent From Minturn

Vail Office: 970-471-8491


Full- and Half-Day Rentals. UnGuided Only

Rent From Red Cliff

Vail Office: 970-471-8491


Full- and Half-Day Rentals.

Rent From Buena Vista

Buena Vista Office: 719-966-5233



Trailer (Eagle-Vail)

Tank of Gas

GPS Tracking


4-Seat, Full-Day UnGuided: $449

4-Seat. Half-Day UnGuided: $379

2-Seat, Full-Day UnGuided: $399

2-Seat, Half-Day UnGuided: $325


2-Seat, Half-Day: $229 (4MT/BC)

2-Seat, Full-Day: $329 (4MT/BC)

4-Seat, Half-Day: $279 (4MT/BC)

4-Seat, Full-Day: $379 (4MT/BC)

4-Seat, Full-Day: $479 (St. Elmo)

Must be 21 to rent. Drivers must be 18 with approved endorsements. Credit Card and Deposit will be taken upon reservation. Our cancellation policy: If you cancel your reservation at least 48 hours prior to your rental date, you will receive a refund. Cancellations made inside of 48 hours are not subject to refund.

RZR ATV's for Rent

Can-Am Maverick Trail

With its 50 inch wheelbase and it agile handing, the Maverick Trail by Can-Am has established itself as a premier vehicle in the off-road space. Not only does it handle Colorado’s rocky terrain exceptionally well but riders who are just beginning as well as those who have intermediate to advanced learning will appreciate it’s ease of use and comfortable cabin. If your idea is to take in a day of off-road touring with a more relaxed approach towards sight-seeing and taking photos then this is an ideal vehicle for one or two riders to enjoy.

Can-Am Commander

Another great offering from RMAR, the Commander by Can-Am is a proven side-by-side with the capability to traverse some of the best Colorado has to offer, with comfortable seating and controls that lead you out into the expanse of the untamed wild. Like its cousin the Maverick Trail, this vehicle is great for extremely tight turning and intricate exploration though with a slightly larger wheelbase. Its ease of operation makes it ideal for up to four riders to explore trails of moderate difficulty and take in some amazing sights along the way.

Polaris 1000 XP

No matter your off-road preference, here’s a selection guaranteed to bring a smile to its riders. The Polaris 1000 XP is the “go to” side-by-side from industry leader Polaris built on a ready-for-anything platform… and this is RMAR’s most popular vehicle. With its 64 inch wheelbase and aggressive stance, the 1000 XP was made for the rugged outback. Intermediate to advanced operators will appreciate the power and clearance this vehicle offers with up to four riders experiencing the thrill of motorsports through a wide variety of terrains. We think of it as the ideal vehicle for exploring Colorado’s rich trail system within our public lands.

Polaris 1000 XP Turbo

If aggression is your style then the Polaris 1000 XP Turbo is here to satisfy your thirst for power. This side-by-side is the equivalent of a brawny, full-throated all-American muscle car ready to scream– just as its name “turbo” would suggest. A repeat fan favorite among those who have rented before, this vehicle belongs only in the hands of a responsible and seasoned rider and if handled properly, will deliver an off-reading experience you will not soon forget.

Polaris XP Pro

If you crave performance and pushing the limits of a what a side-by-side is capable of then look no further— the Polaris XP Pro is the premier vehicle for a an off-roading experience that RMAR offers. Simply put, the suspension that Polaris built into the XP Pro is for extreme rock crawling. And speed-wise, this machine is rip-your-face-off fast. Very experienced riders and even professional riders will call and request this one by name. This is just one more way RMAR separates itself as an adventure outfitter by providing machines that no one else has.