Paddle Boarding Colorado

Whether you’re a first-timer or an expert at stand up paddle boarding (SUP), you’ll want to try out this growing water sport here in Vail, Colorado, where mountain peaks and scenic vistas inspire any adventure. The Vail area is unique for stand up paddle boarding because it offers opportunities for relaxing lake floats and for exciting river paddling.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Gear & Overview

Stand up paddle boarding is continuing to gain popularity with fitness enthusiasts who want a full-body workout—and with those who just want to enjoy this sport at a recreational level. A strong core is essential for optimal paddling, and stand up paddle boarding challenges strength and endurance. Yoga can also be done on a stand up paddle board to add an additional layer of challenge to traditional land-based flexibility and balance training. Plus, stand up paddle boarding is simply fun, and it can be a social activity when shared with family or friends.  

Minimal gear is required when stand up paddle boarding, which adds to its appeal. In order to go out on a lake or river, you’ll need a paddle board, a paddle, a PFD (personal floatation device), and a leash, which helps keep your board nearby in case you fall off. Different types of leashes are used depending on water type—still water versus whitewater—and it’s important to understand how leashes work in order to avoid potential dangers. SUP clothing depends on activity type and water type. On a warm summer day, for example, swimsuits can be worn while out on a lake, but if you’re stand up paddle boarding down a river in snowmelt whitewater, you’ll want to wear a wetsuit or a full dry suit. 

Where to Paddle Board near Vail Colorado:

Nottingham Lake:

This small lake in Avon is perfect for SUP beginners.

Lake Dillon / Dillon Reservoir:

Enjoy mountain views, and get a great workout while paddling along the generous shoreline of Lake Dillon.

Wolford Reservoir:

This quiet reservoir north of Kremmling gives you a lot of space to SUP and explore.

Rancho del Rio to State Bridge:

Gain some SUP lake experience, and then try out this four miles of mellow river fun on the Upper Colorado River.

Pumphouse to Rancho del Rio:

This stretch of the Upper Colorado River is recommended only for highly skilled and experienced stand up paddle boarders, and it’s also very popular for other water sports.

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