Avalanche Safety Gear

Backcountry Access (BCA) is our choice for all things Avalanche Safety. Since their founding in 1994, Backcountry Access has grown to be the premier developer of avalanche and backcountry safety equipment. Currently, they operate over 60 education centers around the United States to educate consumers on how to use their products in the field. If you just need the avalanche gear for a once in a lifetime trip, we at Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals offer a full line of rental options from Backcountry Access.

All products listed below are from BackCountry.com. You will be redirected to BackCountry.com to make a purchase.

VSSL Utility Tools

VSSL (Vessel) Utility Tools are perfect for those quick treks through the woods. The empty cylinders are ideal for packing your loose, yet important items such as extra cord, utility knives and more. We had a chance to review both the Utility Pack and the First Aid Kit and you can read all about it here. The VSSL kits also make great gifts and the first aid kit would be the perfect addition to any vehicle.

vssl gear

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Backcountry travel carries with it inherent risk that we believe should be respected at all times. It is this belief that requires us to thoroughly review all products before we recommend anything to our customers and visitors. The products that are listed on this site are all products that we ourselves use in our day-to-day operations and personal trips. We do not currently sell directly to consumers. We work with a variety of online partners who enable us the ability to offer a direct to purchase path but know that you, the user, will be directed off of the Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals website to make a purchase.