Colorado Slingshot Rentals

Drive the Rocky Mountains in the Slingshot Roadster from Polaris

Polaris Slingshot Rentals

When Polaris first introduced the Slingshot, they were looking to once again push the envelope on high-performance recreational vehicles. After taking the Slingshot SL for a test drive here in Vail, it was obvious that anyone looking for a high performance experience on the road needed to do this for themselves. This machine gives everyone an instant smile.

Slingshot Features:

Manual Transmission

Open Air Cockpit

173 Horsepower

Waterproof Interior


Polaris Slingshot

Full Day: $299

Polaris Slingshot Rentals Vail Colorado

Season: May - October


Polaris Slingshot

Full Day: $299

Polaris Slingshot Rentals Vail Colorado

Season: May - October


Each Rental Includes:


Full Tank of Gas


Vail Office: 970-471-8491

Buena Vista Office: 719-966-5233


Must be 25 years or older to rent. Must have valid Drivers License and know how to operate a manual transmission. Passengers under 18 must have guardian signature. Our cancellation policy: If you cancel your reservation at least 48 hours prior to your rental date, you will receive a refund. Cancellations made inside of 48 hours are not subject to refund.

How much power do Slingshots have?

The Slingshot is a two-seat, 3-wheel vehicle with the muscle of a roadster. 173 horsepower to one belt-driven rear wheel on a six-speed standard transmission. From cruising through Glenwood Canyon to climbing over Independence Pass, the Polaris Slingshot gives you the freedom to cover a lot of ground quickly, easily, and with the most fun out of any recreational road vehicle on the market.


What’s it like to drive a Slingshot?

The learning curve to drive the Slingshot is short and when you first sit in the driver’s seat, it may remind you more of a go-kart than a high-performance vehicle.  The hardest part to get used to is how low to the ground you are. We provide helmets with all Slingshot Rentals and trust us, you will want it. Between the wind and the occasional pebble that kicks up, you’ll want your face protected. Much like a motorcycle, the Slingshot creates a little more exposure between yourself and the road and this also adds to the driving experience.


Who can rent a Slingshot?

Up until 2018, we could only rent to those of you who had a motorcycle endorsement due to the Slingshot having originally been classified as a 3-wheel motorcycle in the state of Colorado. Since then, Colorado has reclassified the slingshot as a car which means that anyone with a license can drive one but we do require renters to be at least 25 years old.